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DP News

Monthly newscast for kids, by kids

The DP News shares the exciting updates and stories related to the students at Diamond Path Elementary School of International Studies. The news program is provided to you by the 4th grade DP News cast, who are learning about news presentation, filming, editing and producing. Watch the daily broadcast by clicking on this link here: DP News

DP News April 2023

France and Food Drive 2023

Bring a Hero to PE 2023

DP News March 2023

DP News Edition #2 December 2022

Somalia Language and Culture Video

DP News February 2023 Edition #1

DP News Edition #1 November 2022

DP News Edition #2 November 2022

DP News Edition #1 December 2022

Chinese Language PSA

Special Edition: Meet the Principal

Ojibwe and Dakota Native American Culture

Archived Episodes