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Welcome to School Patrols!

September 2021

Dear Parents,

School Safety Patrol is a very important job here at Diamond Path and throughout the state.  They provide a service for the school and the community.   To make a good patrol, your son or daughter will need to be punctual, caring, and trustworthy. Attached is a form to submit if they are interested in one of the following two positions:

Crossing guard patrols are stationed at the crosswalks on the corners of Dominica and 147th Street and 144th street.  They enable walkers to get to school and home again safely and are on duty from 8:55 A.M. until 9:10 A.M. in the morning.  In the afternoon, they are on duty from 3:40 P.M. until 3:55  P.M.  They work in teams of two students.  Students will be on a rotating schedule with other teams.  A schedule will go out the first few weeks of school and will be posted on the 5th grade website.  Application for Crossing Guard is attached.

Door, sidewalk and hallway patrols are asked to be at school at 9:05 am to monitor the students waiting for the first bell.  They are responsible for assisting the patrol advisors in keeping the kids in line waiting patiently and opening the doors when the first bell rings.  They may be asked to then assist with keeping students off the grass and walking on the sidewalks as they depart the busses.  Application for door patrols will come home the first week of school.


Another Opportunity

**Our bus drivers will be assigning bus patrol positions once school starts (bus patrols can and are encouraged to sign-up for one of the Safety Patrol positions listed above as well.)

The bus patrols “assist” the driver with his or her efforts to maintain control on the bus and may also be called upon to flag so children are able to cross the street at their bus stops.  They are in no way responsible for disciplining other students. It is the driver’s responsibility, not that of the students.  Patrols should never try to overstep their job responsibilities.  When they do, they have a tendency to intimidate the younger students, and that is not what being a patrol is about.  They should act as a liaison and a helper.  They are looked up to by many of the younger students, so they need to act as a good role model and reflect our school in a positive way to the community.  

 Please let me know if you have any questions regarding patrols.


Pam Balistreri

5th Grade Teacher

School Patrol Advisor