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Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education!

At Diamond Path, our goal in physical education is to reinforce students’ positive attitudes towards physical activity, healthy choices and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It is difficult, if not impossible, to overcome the challenges that life throws our way if we are physically unhealthy. This is a fact that everyone fundamentally understands but many fail to do anything about. In contrast, the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle go above and beyond being physically fit. Self-esteem and self-confidence are greatly improved as well, which can often lead to healthier social lives and improved classroom participation and performance.

Within my physical education classroom I have made it very clear that the number one thing for from students is effort and enthusiasm. A third factor, improvement, is born from these two. The final factor, physical skills, is not as important as the first three factors but it still plays an important role in elementary physical education. If a student can improve his or her physical skills in a particular area of activity, the more success that student will experience. This success will result in a greater chance that the student will continue to participate with this activity outside of school and well into his or her adult life.

Finally, at Diamond Path we do our best to have a lot of fun in physical education. Learning directly associated with fun is learning that will last a lifetime!

Sally Milliman

Sally Milliman

Physical Education Specialist