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Diamond Path Elementary School of International Studies

Diamond Path Elementary School of International Studies is a whole-school magnet where students develop an understanding of the world’s people, places, wonders, and challenges.  Our school’s vision is to create a society of lifelong learners who acquire a global perspective for the betterment of our world.  The international studies theme is woven into classroom learning throughout the core curriculum of literacy, math, science, and social studies.  All students study either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese building on communicative skills, while developing a cultural awareness.  Students also receive a rigorous and diverse education supporting them to become creative inquirers, understand different cultures, and thrive in today’s world.  At Diamond Path we are building leaders for our increasing global world.  

At Diamond Path Elementary School of International Studies, we are building a society of lifelong learners who are focused on a global perspective for a better world. Students receive a rigorous and diverse education helping them to be creative, understand different cultures, embrace challenges, and thrive into today’s world.

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Award-Winning Education

We are a three-time awardee of National Magnet School of America's prestigious honors. This program honors the top magnet schools in the United States. These awards recognize magnet schools that demonstrate commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation and diversity efforts, and consistent delivery of high quality educational services to all stakeholders.

MSA established two categories of awards:

Magnet School of Excellence Awards are given to only a select group of magnet schools that have demonstrated the highest level of excellence in all facets of the merit award application. Awarded in [2020 and 2019]

Magnet School of Distinction Awards are the second level of awards given to magnet schools that have met all the basic requirements outlined in the merit awards scoring rubric. [Awarded in 2018]

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Where Students Meet the World

Our classroom teachers connect curriculum to global ideas and use an international focus to help students to become responsible world citizens and develop attitudes of acceptance and cooperation. The study of a world language (either Mandarin Chinese or Spanish) is a key component in achieving our vision. The advantage of learning a foreign language at a younger age is tremendous!

Students receive 90 minutes of world language instruction each week (kindergarten has 30 minutes). The primary focus is to work on increasing understanding, listening, speaking, and cultural awareness while acquiring increasing levels of proficiency as students progress from one grade to the next. Our program uses the national standards of world language education: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities.

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All District 196 elementary schools of offer the same rigorous core curriculum in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. At Diamond Path, these important areas are an essential part of each student’s day. Come check us out!


Mandy Hill
Assistant Administrator/Magnet Coordinator