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Welcome to the Chinese language program at Diamond Path!

Since fall 2007, Diamond Path Elementary has been offering Chinese to K-5 students who have chosen Chinese as their language of choice.

The advantage of learning a foreign language at a younger age is tremendous. To have a real opportunity to start learning Chinese at an early age is even more significant because as a less commonly taught language there are not a lot of elementary schools in the metro area offering Chinese. Another advantage is that one can start a common foreign language even in high school and still be very proficient, but it is a lot harer to start Chinese late and be profiecient.

In the elementary level, we focus on listening and speaking and Chinese culture, and students are only exposed to some basic Chinese characters. Our philosophy is that students learn better in simulated and/or natural settings and in an environment which is caring, safe, and motivating.

Parents who have students in class or who will have students in class are welcome to come to experience how their child learns Chinese in our Chinese classroom. If any parent or guardian is interested in learning more about the details of our curriculum and any other questions, please feel free to email me at

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Jon Pan

Chinese Language Specialist