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Eagle Bluff

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

What is Eagle Bluff?

  • Eagle Bluff specializes in memorable educational field trips that focus increasing STEM literacy, building life skills through team building, and promoting positive outdoor experiences. Our trip to Eagle Bluff :
    • Fosters a sense of respect, stewardship and community: live and learn with peers and teachers.
    • Imparts life skills such as teamwork and problem solving: face challenges and find success together.
    • Increases environmental and academic literacy: explore an accredited curriculum aligned to state standards and STEM principles.
    • Promotes positive outdoor experiences: experience the outdoors with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.
    • Sparks an interest in and appreciation for the natural world: see the Big Dipper, hear toads trill at the pond, or hold a bird in your hand.

Where is Eagle Bluff?

Eagle Bluff is located in Lanesboro, Minnesota. It’s about a 2-hour drive from the school. It is on 95 acres of restored prairie and mixed forest and surrounded by 1,000 acres of state forest land.

In September, generally the second week of school, 4th graders at Diamond Path Elementary go to Eagle Bluff. The students, teachers, and parent chaperones travel to the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center for three days of adventure! There they participate in many different environmental activities including tree studies, an adventure ropes course, stream study and geology, just to name a few! This is the high point of the year for many 4th graders as they get to enjoy things in which they might otherwise never get a chance to participate.

Parents of third graders receive information notices and information packets throughout the year to keep them informed and updated on their soon-to-be 4th graders trip to Eagle Bluff.

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